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15 Oct 2012

About Hendry Cycles


147 marshalltown Rd, Grovedale ;near corner Torquay Rd. [PH 52 411 852]

This year celebrates Hendry Cycles 40th year in Business! Starting in 1975 from a small store tucked into the original Ocean Grove foodstore arcade, Hendry Cycles has out grown three premises over the years and developed into one of Cyclings top ten favourite Bicycle Stores to visit in the country! Now with a new Hendry Bike Shop Geelong to provide great service and all Geelong bike servicing & Geelong Bike repair with this convenience of two locations. Hendry Cycles can offer an incredible range of Trek road bikes, Trek mountain bikes, Colnago bikes,Giantbikes, Cervelo bikes andOrbeabikes, plus many other bikes and accessories recommended by knowledgeable and helpfulstaffwho really care about your riding enjoyment, it’s no wonder Cycling enthusiasts often travel from across Australia to have a correctly sized bicycle, [starting from the frame dimensions] that is expertly fitted by our instore U.S. trained fit specialist. From the recreational rider, to the weekend warrior or the full time athlete, Hendry Cycles will always provide a helping hand to assist you with your own individual Cycling needs, and all your cycling related preferences. Road, Mountain, Triathlon, Family & BMX, Hendry Cycles have your bike needs covered.