Posted on
15 Oct 2012

Hendry Shop Rides


When:Sunday 8am (return 9.45 apprx)
Where:Fire Station at cnr Grubb Road (few minutes from Town centre)
Who:First Time bunch rider to competitive riders

This is a fun ride that is quick in places. The bunch will saunter down toward Queenscliff then quickly winds up into the lead-out and the sprint over the railway lines toward the Queenscliff Road. [The group may splinter here]. After the sprint, sometimes provides and opportunity for the entire group to back together, other times, the hammer drops and the pace stays high into Queenscliff Marina. Then it’s time for a coffee and chat at the Ferry Station – it is Sunday morning after all.
Back on the bike and the speed quickly returns to ‘caffeine Olympics’ pace through Point Lonsdale and back up the false flat toward Ocean Grove. A little rise represents an opportunity for a break -away into town, then along the beach and a back road or two returns back to the Fire Station.[RIDE SAFELY!]
# Please note: We list these rides as community rides, Hendry Cycles or staff –representatives are not liable for any participation.#


Where:Car park across from the shop (Coles Car park)
Who:Bunch riding experience to competitive riders

For countless years experienced bunch riders (and those wishing to ride safely and have a go) have gathered in the car park outside the store to head to Torquay.
Depending on the season, more intimate groups in winter and swelling bunches over summer cruise through Barwon Heads and 13th Beach Road at approx 30-35kph. Depending on the prevailing wind the group is typically two abreast, rolling though. At some point on the return trip from picturesque Torquay the pace winds up over 45kph and is maintained with strong rolling turns. The speed winds up again after the turn on to 13th Beach Road and with aleft hand lane onlysprint to the ‘Cadel’ line. [RIDE SAFELY!] Coffee afterward on the Terrace at ‘Foam’. Most mornings per week we have rides, ask instore for current timings.
# Please note: We list these rides as community rides, Hendry Cycles or staff –representatives are not liable for any participation.#


The Geelong Cycling Club has been part of the Geelong and District Community since 1911 and is on the verge of significant growth period.

The club is one of 55+ affiliated cycling clubs within Victoria which operate under the banner of Cycle Sport Victoria and holds cycling events throughout Geelong and districts.

The Geelong Club is the only club in the region to offer road and track racing in all age categories from Juniors, through to Seniors and Masters.

Geelong Cycling Club also have developed a range of rides and events on the closed riding circuit at Belmont common. This ‘closed to vehicles’ hotmix circuit is a pleasure to ride and race


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Anyone can look at a map and put together a trip but our Teams approach is much more in depth. While keeping open to all possibilities, we search for a balanced trip that showcase the true essence of a region. Guides spend countless hours in the field looking for spectacular routes that allow you to ride as much or as little as you like. You sample anything that take your fancy from historic sites to great eateries, and our Team organise the logistics of each day so that we have the latitude to accommodate various interests. We also always keep in touch with our regional friends for road condition information etc..

Prior to the trip, we inspect every little nuance of your Cycling Tour; we want it to be an incredible break for you !

We coordinate all accomodation and activities for variety and to best display the regional highlights of your cycling tour.

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They are not bound by anything other than the clause that each and every trip becomes a trip of a lifetime for you, our guests.

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Encompassing Road and Mountainbike Tours from the Great Ocean Road, to East Timor and beyond, if you have an inkling to explore, we are there to organise a Cycling Tour to maximise your enjoyment.

Please the subject title ‘Cycle Tours’ for more information.