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15 Oct 2012

Trek Bikes

Ultimately, Trek aim to build the best Bicycle frames available. Period. Trek remain at the forefront of carbon technology in the bike industry and test and test and test like no other brand to ensure the frames are perfect for their intended usage. Be it an aggressive carbon race machine or a fantastically durable entry level mountain or road bike.

When you consider the extent of research and development that goes into every frame Trek make, you can see why Trek offer the best warranty in the industry and are very much considered globally as a bike riders bike. When you’re next in Wisconsin and you see a rider on a nude carbon test bike with hundreds of electronic probes attached to key points on the frame and his body, sporting a backpack with an aerial; Spare a thought for the engineers (driving the tinted van with a receiving aerial) who interpret the gigabits of data, make subtle alterations to the tubing, or material and build a brand new frame from these observations and have it on the road for testing in less than a week. This is why Trek are world leaders in the finest details of ride quality and precision handling. No one else has this engineering capacity, no one. With 130 engineers worth of intellectual horsepower including 6 genuine rocket scientists [the traditional hot-bed of carbon innovation] , it’s no wonder Trek make such a great bike. For example, at the top of the food chain, the mightly Madone 6.9SSL includes a proprietary HEX carbon that is only available to approved NATO countries like the U.S. Why? It’s advanced properties make it perfect for weaponisation. We don’t want EVERYONE having this technology across the world!
When it comes to mountain suspension, Trek remain the only manufacture with an in house Fox employee dedicated entirely to tuning forks and shocks to Trek bikes. So, when you see a shock or suspension fork on a Trek, you know these have been specifically tuned for your Trek frame and prepared for you to get the most from the your style of riding.
The Dual rate control valve [DRCV] rear shock has revolutionised how well a bike can track with the terrain and is DEFINITELY one of the slickest advancements in suspension technology in years.
With some final tuning by trained techs in the store to account for your weight and preferences, you can be assured that your Trek will be setup ‘just right’. If you are looking for a high end machine at a bike shop ballarat ,you will find so many choices at Hendry Cycles.To top it all off, Trek remain the only brand to offer a genuine life-time frame warranty as well as the best parts warranty available on any bike – 2 years on all their Bontrager components. This includes complex and more expensive items like wheel sets. Consider that 2 years down the track, after countless rides, other brands are not in a position to consider a wheel set issue as warrantable. Trek do. When you buy a Trek, this attention to quality, performance and longevity is what you receive.