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15 Oct 2012

Orbea Bikes

Orbea bike co remain one of the only European brands backing their frames with a life time warranty.
Lifetime warranties are few and far between with Euro brands. Orbea’s highest execution in Road bikes the Orca, has been successfully operating in the pro peloton for some years with several grand tour stage victories and an Oylmpic gold medal on their palmares. In mountain biking, Julian Absalon won numerous world championships on his Orbea hard tail as well, so Orbea are much more than just a successful road bike manufacturer from the Basque county in Northern Spain.

In alloy road frames, the Aqua range offers some of the nicest ride qualities the market. They lend much of their geometric DNA from their higher end bikes, but with taller head tubes (for instance) to help recreational riders adopt appropriate posture on the bike for maximum comfort and efficiency. Classic looking geometry for great looks (with approx 73o seat tubes and head tube angles) and slightly sloping top tube, and some of the best paint finishes for bikes in their categories.

At the top end, efficiency and ride quality is where it’s at. Orca’s size specific nerve technology definitely maximises the potential for each frame size and guarantees ride quality throughout the size range. Larger frame sizes accept the additional weight and torque requirements of a larger rider and maintain steering accuracy up front and the addition materials used is some areas of the frame to generate stiffness by no means detracts from comfort at the rear. With some of the sleekest looking tubes on the market harbouring M40j carbon for maximum efficiency and power transfer.
If you like a bike with Euro credibility and demand build quality consistent with the Life-time frame warranty, then keep Orbea on your desirable bike list. Orbea bikes ride superbly.

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