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15 Oct 2012

Gary Fisher Bikes

Forever recognized as one of the original pioneers of off road riding and with coining the term ‘mountain bike’; Gary’s name is synonymous with off road riding. Also enjoying the best warranty in the game due to his manufacturing involvement withtrek, Gary is most famous for the strongest range of 29 MTB’s on the planet. The best value for inherent frame technology, ride and handling, it is no wonder the mountain bike mags rave about the proprietary elements that give Gary Fisher such a huge competitive advantage on the race track or on recreational rides.

Gary’s 29er bikes are famous for ride and handling with the inherent advantages of a 29er, with engineered solutions for the challenges a larger wheel brings. Exclusive G2 geometry with 51mm offset Fox Forks are only available on Fisher 29ers, reducing the trail to that of a 26” wheeled bike for neutral, instinctive handling. The cockpit was shortened to allow the rider to weight the front wheel more effectively. A robust, size-specific headtube junction improves front end rigidity and handling.
Asymmetric design balances drive-train forces and improves overall stiffness. The size of headtube junction is proportionate to bike size for a consistent ride quality across all sizes. Fishers flattened underside of downtube produces awesome stiffness and ride performance. Widest possible bottom bracket to prevent any flex and ensure pedalling efficiency. Clever features like 10mm of rear tire clearance on each side to cope with wider a 2.25″ tyres if that is your thing. Dismissing the myth that 29ers are for small riders – the small frame can fit riders down to about 5’0” due to increased G2 fork offset for less toe overlap.
In summary, the wheelbase remains the same as a 26in bike for high speed stability. The amount of trail is reduced for more neutral handling at slow speed.
When you buy a Fisher, Gary’s design DNA is present in every innovative Gary Fisher Bike .

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