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15 Oct 2012

Merida Bikes

Merida continues to produce some of the lightest, well spec’ed bikes for road and mountain.
How do they do it? Being the single biggest bicycle manufacture on the planet definitely helps. In fact, Merida bike globally are strong enough to contract-manufacture quite a few other leading brands. They make entry level bikes for a big global brand or two and also some high end frames for some well known brands.
With all this manufacturing going on, their buying power is second to none. So when it comes to group sets, wheels, suspension forks and the like they blow every other brand out of the water. Merida HQ isn’t shy in any way. They carry a massive array of manpower and are successful in having the bike you want, when you want it.

At heart, Merida have a strict quality-oriented philosophy. Their aim is to use the best possible combination of manpower, manufacturing and material – effectively merging highly innovative German engineering with the practical input of their pro team – MERIDA MULTIVAN BIKING.
Really learning from the race track and inputting those learnings to production bikes is what Merida are all about. They want to be regarded as having the most outstanding bikes of our time by making the relationship between their r&d and Marketing department as successfull as their Merida athletes are.